Working method

In the field of precious metal and precious stone jewelry, all of the designs and sketches are always made to a scale of one. Consequently, both the design and the piece of jewelry are of the same size. The intelligibility of the piece of jewelry and of all of its aspects is thus clear for everyone. Beautiful pieces of jewelry come from respecting a well thought out design and then handcrafting it in the traditional way and also, from a good interpretation of its volume.

One must not lose sight either of the work material: the precious metals, be it silver, 18ct gold or platinum for the precious metal jewelry, the precious stones, semi-precious and fine stones, the ornamental stones and the pearls for the precious stone jewelry.

The creation of a piece of jewelry can be done straight on paper from a sketch and colored drawings. The search for the right stones, which is not always so easy a task, can be done later.

The other means of creation in jewelry making consist in first choosing one or several stones which in turn, by their shape, color and brilliance, draw out the inspiration of the creator.

Michel Zimmermann’s ideas are simple. His designs and sketches are readable at first glance. Sometimes, additional details or more numerous elements are added to attract a second look, to catch the attention a little longer, to make one linger, much as happens when one is in love. Creation and love as a way to conquer death a little by adding a shot of the everlasting into life.