The workshop is situated on the 1st floor of the boutique (jewelry store). The workshop is fitted out with three workbenches each equipped with a bench pin which is a piece of wood on which the jeweler works and a sheepskin which is used to gather the precious metal fillings.  This is where Michel Zimmermann and his two sons, Pierre and Vincent can be found at work every day.

The tools which they use daily are relatively simple tools. They consist in fine saws, big and small files, clamps, a hammer, a soldering blowtorch, chisels, emery paper, pincers and tweezers, a magnifying glass, a dry nib compass, a must in precision work, a sliding foot, a wire drawplate to draw the wires of different dimensions, drills and milling cutters used for mounting and setting stones. Many other small unusual tools are also used for the making of jewelry.