Title : Silver Ring Aquamarine 9.61 mm Claw Set
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Internet reference : 6BAA0009D0192BAAF26
Price : 1730 $ Canadien ( Veuillez ajouter la TPS 5 % Canada et la TVQ 9,5 % Québec )

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Sterling silver ring with a 9,61 mm aquamarine,  claw set.

Available at the store now in No: 5 1/2 F (US size )



Meticulously handcrafted with no casting involved and  using only very high quality and  unique precious stone,  this piece of jewelry is one of a kind.

(All unique pieces can be found on the “Gallery” page.)



Bague Argent Aiguemarine 9.61mmBague Argent Aiguemarine 9.61mm

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