Nowadays, jewelry, at least a considerable amount of it, is cast. Casting is a method for reproducing items, using rubber moulds, wax and plaster. At each step of the way, imprecision, flaws and weaknesses pop up. The quality of such jewelry is not the best. Moreover, casting does not allow for the full freedom of creation that can only come from handcrafting.

Fortunately, work that is hand-crafted gives authenticity to the work in addition to ensuring  greater sturdiness, greater density and unsurpassable precision.

The wary customer will both see and appreciate that he is purchasing work that was done with honor and love, by human beings and not by machines, using the right materials in order to provide true pleasure and durability.

Each and every piece of jewelry made by Michel Zimmermann and his sons, Vincent and Pierre, is entirely made by hand and never cast.

The quality in the making of a piece of jewelry or of any other object rests on three fundamental principles.

First of all, the quality of the raw material: the choice of precious metals, the choice of very beautiful precious and semi precious stones, the choice of magnificent pearls, which through the senses of sight and touch, allow one to appreciate the wonders of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Next, comes the sufficient quantity of the material: the choice of the quantity of material is indeed directly determined by the sturdiness, the durability of the piece of jewelry in addition to the proportion and balance of the different materials which will be used in its composition.

Finally, the competence of the worker, which includes his knowledge in the right order and in the many steps in the making process, added to the two previous principles, allow the precious metal jeweler and precious stone jeweler to bring to life most fabulous pieces of jewelry.