The materials

Our jewelry is always entirely handcrafted out of 925/1000 silver, 18ct gold or out of platinum and occasionally out of palladium. Never is any of our jewelry cast.

Our concern for the quality of the work and for the requisite quantity of precious metals instinctively leads us to use but lavish stones and magnificent pearls.

Using a 10x magnifying glass, Michel Zimmermann chooses each precious stone and each semi precious stone one by one. When choosing, he looks for vividness and clarity in color, quality in the cut and perfect polishing. Each and every selected stone must be a true marvel.

Only first rate diamonds are used. F for color and VVS1 for inclusions. Certified high standard Canadian diamonds starting at 30/carat are also available.

Michel Zimmermann also chooses himself our cultured pearls, our Tahitian pearls and our fresh water pearls using the same dictates for their quality. Meticulous attention to the shapes, round or baroque, the colors and their hues, the thickness in the layers of mother-of-pearl, ensures that the pearls we use are also marvelous.