Title : Gold Stud Hoop ''Créole'' Earrings Freshwater Pearls 9 mm
Size :
Boutique code : BOO14 PENO46 9 mm
Internet reference : 6BOO0003D0180BOO14
Price : 1658 $ Canadien ( Veuillez ajouter la TPS 5 % Canada et la TVQ 9,5 % Québec )

Description :

18K gold stud hoop earrings “Créole”, 14 mm in diameter, with 9 mm freshwater pearl’s  “pendille” charms in 18K gold.

Meticulously hand-crafted wethout casting.

Small ball in 18K gold welded to the rear of the rings allow to put different types of charmes “pendilles” without risk of loss.


18K gold safety back system “Guardian” and 18K gold posts.

Hoop diameter: 14 mm

Hoop round wire diameter: 2 mm

These 8 mm freshwater  pearl’s 18K gold “pendille” charms can be sold separately for 481.00 $.

18K gold stud hoop earrings “Créole” can be sold separately for 1177.00 $ with 18K gold back system “Guardian”.

Total price of stud hoops “Créole” and charms: 1658.00 $



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