Title : Diamond Stud Earrings 2 X 7/100 ct Sky Blue (H)
Size :
Boutique code : BOOB19 7/100 ct
Internet reference : 2BOO0004P0007BOOB19
Price : 1147 $ Canadien ( Veuillez ajouter la TPS 5 % Canada et la TVQ 9,5 % Québec )

Description :

Stud earrings in 18K gold with two Sky Blue diamonds (H) of 7100 ct VS1, bezel set, meticulously hand-crafted without casting.

Diameter with setting: 3,2 mm
18K gold safety back system “Guardian” and 18K gold posts.

(H) Enhanced diamonds are natural diamond. Natural color diamonds are exceptionally beautiful, but just as exceptionally rare and expensive – and so, for most of us, sadly out of reach. Entrepreneurs invented advanced safe methods of color enhancement.


Working material : Tube: 32/10 mm HAS: 24/10 mm

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